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Manufacturers and stockists around the world are offering a range of copper alloys across different product forms under the Antimicrobial Copper Cu+ brand to signify that they supply recognised Antimicrobial Copper alloys and comply with certain terms and conditions. is your first and best source to find an ever increasing range of Antimicrobial Copper semi-finished products and the partners that provide them. Searches can be restricted by your location (for regulatory jurisdictions) and product form.

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If you would like to apply to use the Antimicrobial Copper brand and be included in this directory, please visit the Conditions of Use and About the Brand pages before contacting your local Copper Alliance office.

Description Company

Semi-finished Product Manufacturer
Chase Brass and Copper supplies EPA-approved antimicrobial copper rod.

Chase Brass and Copper
Tom Christie

Copper Alloy Stockholder
Drawn Metal Tube supplies EPA-approved antimicrobial copper tube.

Drawn Metal Tube
Richard Bacharach

Semi-finished Product Manufacturer
Hussey Copper supplies EPA-approved antimicrobial copper bar, plate, sheet and strip.

Hussey Copper
Customer Care Team

Semi-finished Product Manufacturer
Olin Brass supplies EPA-approved antimicrobial copper coil, plate, sheet, strip and tube under the CuVerro brand name.

Olin Brass
Angela Woody

Semi-finished Product Manufacturer
PMX Industries supplies EPA-approved antimicrobial copper coil, ingot, plate, sheet, strip and tube.

PMX Industries
Rob Carlson

Copper and copper alloys are engineering materials that are durable, colourful and recyclable and are widely available in various product forms suitable for a range of manufacturing purposes. Copper and its alloys offer a suite of materials for designers of functional, sustainable and cost-effective products.

Some specific copper alloys have intrinsic antimicrobial properties (so-called ‘Antimicrobial Copper’) and products made from these materials have an additional, secondary benefit of contributing to hygienic design. Products made from Antimicrobial Copper are a supplement to, not a substitute for standard infection control practices. It is important that current hygiene practices are continued, including those related to the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.