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Here are a range of articles from the trade and healthcare press covering Antimicrobial Copper science, products, adoption and economics.  If you would like an article for your publications, please contact Marleine Williams at Copper Development Association.


Copper Alloys Resurface as an Antimicrobial Force
Advanced Materials and Processes, October 2017

An article by Harold Michels, Copper Development Association, New York, and Corinne Michels, Queens College, New York, exploring how metals containing copper could soon be a mainstay in the war against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Combining Copper with Effective Hygiene
Health Estate Journal, October 2017

Copper – for many centuries known for its antimicrobial properties – is increasingly being used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities worldwide as an aid to infection control and reducing healthcare-associated infections. Here Tim Sandle, head of Microbiology at Bio Products Laboratory, discusses how antimicrobial surfaces incorporating copper can assist with hospital infection control programmes and the fight against nosocomial infection.

Antimicrobial Copper vs Antimicrobial Resistance
International Pharmaceutical Industry, Spring 2017, Volume 9 Issue 1

This article describes some of the latest developments in antimicrobial copper, looking at new science, its growing inclusion in guidelines and ratings systems, and a high-profile installation at a leading London research facility.

Giving Patient Safety a Boost
Health Business, Vol 16.4, August 2016

An article discussing the latest information on the use of copper surfaces to boost infection prevention and control in hospitals.

An Engineering Solution for Boosting Infection Control
IFHE Digest 2016

This article summarises the science demonstrating copper's antimicrobial efficacy, and explores the practical and economic aspects of deploying antimicrobial copper touch surfaces as an additional infection control measure.

Antimicrobial Copper: Breaking the Chain of Infection
Archetech, January 2016, Issue 22

Architects and designers have a key role to play in designing infection out of our hospitals and public spaces, and now they have a new ally: Antimicrobial Copper.

Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces Reduce Infections, Liberate Resources and Cut Costs
Health Management Journal, December 2015, Volume 15, Issue 4

An article summarising the latest evidence and cost-benefit of upgrading to antimicrobial copper touch surfaces.

Contact Killing on Copper Surfaces: From Lab to Application
International Pharmaceutical Industry, October 2015

An article providing an update on the latest scientific and clinical trial evidence supporting the deployment of antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to augment existing decontamination practices, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces
Hospital Healthcare Europe 2015, Pages 135–138

An article by Michael Oko – ENT Consultant and Clinical Lead, and Department of Health Advisor on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea who has installed antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in his own facility – exploring how 'copper touch surfaces in the clinical setting effectively reduce infection rates and save lives'.

The Hygienic Properties of Antimicrobial Copper
FM World, May 2015

An article aimed at making facilities managers aware of the opportunities presented by installing antimicrobial copper as an additional infection control measure in new builds or rennovation projects.

Lower Infection Rates Through Copper Surfaces
Health Business, October 2014

This article looks at the business case for replacing frequently-touched surfaces with antimicrobial copper equivalents, as part of a new build or refurbishment, in terms of component costs and resultant savings due to fewer healthcare-associated infections.

Exploring the Wonderful World of Antimicrobial Coils
ACR News, November 2013

This ACR News article explores how the antimicrobial properties of copper can be harnessed for heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

Special Report: Copper in Hospitals
Building Better Healthcare, December 2012

A special report offering the history and development of antimicrobial copper for infection prevention, including recent developments such as a business case model and new research from Professor Bill Keevil.

Starting from Scratch
Materials World, April 2012

An article prepared by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining's Eoin Redahan for Materials World magazine, covering the Antimicrobial Hard Surface Testing workshop at the British Standards Institution. The shortcomings of the existing standards for antimicrobial efficacy of hard surfaces, and the need for a more appropriate test, were unanimously agreed by the delegates and the panel. The context of the meeting was all antimicrobial applications but discussions focussed on healthcare and the food industry.

Copper and copper alloys are engineering materials that are durable, colourful and recyclable and are widely available in various product forms suitable for a range of manufacturing purposes. Copper and its alloys offer a suite of materials for designers of functional, sustainable and cost-effective products.

Copper and certain copper alloys have intrinsic antimicrobial properties (so-called ‘Antimicrobial Copper’) and products made from these materials have an additional, secondary benefit of contributing to hygienic design. Products made from Antimicrobial Copper are a supplement to, not a substitute for standard infection control practices. It is essential that current hygiene practices are continued, including those related to the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.

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