Antimicrobial Copper Range

Antimicrobial Copper surfaces offer a spectrum of colours, forms and finishes. Killing pathogenic microbes never looked so good.

Antimicrobial Copper colour range

There are more than 500 different Antimicrobial Copper alloys spanning a wide range of colours and surface textures. This means there is certainly an Antimicrobial Copper option that fits in with your existing or desired future interior design. Antimicrobial Copper alloy surfaces must not be waxed, painted, lacquered, varnished, or otherwise coated. The alloys oxidise to varying degrees, which does not impair their antimicrobial efficacy.

To help designers and specifiers choose the most appropriate alloy, view the publication Antimicrobial Copper Alloys – Guidance on Selection.


Copper and copper alloys are engineering materials that are durable, colourful and recyclable and are widely available in various product forms suitable for a range of manufacturing purposes. Copper and its alloys offer a suite of materials for designers of functional, sustainable and cost-effective products.

Copper and certain copper alloys have intrinsic antimicrobial properties (so-called ‘Antimicrobial Copper’) and products made from these materials have an additional, secondary benefit of contributing to hygienic design. Products made from Antimicrobial Copper are a supplement to, not a substitute for standard infection control practices. It is essential that current hygiene practices are continued, including those related to the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.

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