Arsakion School, Greece

Arsakion School is among the oldest and most prestigious private schools in Greece, educating over 12,000 students from various sites in Athens. After the school’s management were approached by the Hellenic Copper Development Institute about the antimicrobial properties of copper, they opted to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces at three schools.

Two of the chosen facilities – a primary school and a high school – are located in Ekali, and the third is a primary school in Psychiko. The installation was completed in two stages, beginning with the primary schools in December 2010 and finishing with the secondary school in April 2012.

The items upgraded to antimicrobial copper were:

  • Door handles for all classrooms (more than 170 pairs).
  • Push plates on external doors (around 200).
  • Stair hand rails (more than 400 metres).

The raw material – brass – was supplied by Fitco SA and the finished products were created and installed by Convex.

Antony Nicolaidis, Project Manager at Convex, said of the installation: 'We tried to have everything installed in a relatively short time, keeping in mind we had to remove the old handles and bannisters, without causing significant disruption. It was a difficult task, but we managed pretty well thanks to the exemplary cooperation of the school's technical staff and assistance from HCDI. Safety was a very important issue for us, since we were in school buildings, so we took special care in finalising the design of and constructing parts for all the products.'

Le cuivre et les alliages de cuivre sont des matériaux techniques, résistants, colorés et recyclables. Ils sont disponibles dans une grande variété de formes et de produits, adaptés à des usages très divers. Le cuivre et ses alliages offrent pour les concepteurs une large gamme de matériaux pour la fabrication de produits fonctionnels, durables et rentables.

Le cuivre et certains de ses alliages possèdent des propriétés antimicrobiennes intrinsèques (sous la désignation de cuivre antimicrobien ou antibactérien, autrement dit Antimicrobial Copper en anglais). Les produits fabriqués à partir de ces matériaux spécifiques ont un avantage supplémentaire, participant à l'hygiène. Les produits en cuivre antimicrobien constituent une aide supplémentaire, et non un substitut, dans le cadre des pratiques usuelles visant le contrôle des infections. Il reste primordial que toutes les mesures d'hygiène courantes soient maintenues, y compris celles liées au nettoyage et à la désinfection des surfaces environnementales.

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