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Servicios Empresa

aa.MATERIALS specialises in the final installation of products in medical buildings, residential and other architectural projects. The company can therefore act as a subcontractor for companies with projects in the Greek market. It also offers exclusive distribution services in Greece for companies producing Cu+ products in other countries.

Anthopoulos Nikos

Product Specification and Post-installation Support
ACT Surfaces works in partnership with Cu+ approved suppliers and healthcare professionals to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop of advice and products, including post-installation support.

ACT Surfaces Ltd
Andrew Cross
United Kingdom

Microbiological Testing
ALcontrol Laboratories provides environmental and food testing services, delivering fast and accurate chemical and microbiological results.

ALcontrol Laboratories
Prof Clive Thompson
United Kingdom

Microbiological Testing
ATS Labs offers antimicrobial, product chemistry and virology testing services.

ATS Labs
Dave Rottjakob

Product Installation
Avant Garde Innovations offers antimicrobial copper architectural services and product installation.

Avant Garde Innovations
Arun George

Charles Day is a profiling company specialising in laser and water jet cutting. Working from DXF, DWG or PDF files, it can provide intricate, precision-cut parts with tolerances as low as +/-0.12 mm.

Charles Day (Steels) Ltd
Peter Law
United Kingdom

Product Customisation
In addition to finished products, Convex offers semi-finished, custom-ordered copper alloy parts in various forms. It also provides a design service for such parts, to suit a range of applications.

Convex Engineering Pty Ltd
John Kounavis

Product Customisation
Decayeux offers product customisation and metal processing services along with design and logistics support.

Christophe Thocquenne

Interior Solutions
Isku offers interior design and furniture solutions for public premises, including hospitals, schools, daycare centres and residential care homes. The Isku Health product range includes a number of functional interior solutions and furniture employing solid antimicrobial copper touch surfaces, such as desks, chairs and tables for offices, lobbies and more.

Isku Interior Ltd
Anne Laitinen

Hospital Equipment Supply and Material Handling
Lamson Healthcare supplies hospital equipment (operating theatre and central sterilising equipment) and offers material handling services.

Lamson Healthcare
Oktay Gokce

Product Specification
Lloyd Worrall is a specifier and supplier of architectural ironmongery that works closely with architects, specifiers and contractors. Partnering with manufacturers, it designs and sources antimicrobial copper door hardware solutions for the public and private sectors.

Lloyd Worrall
Claire Spooner
United Kingdom

Product Specification
MB Architectural is a specifier and supplier of architectural ironmongery that works closely with architects, specifiers and contractors. Partnering with manufacturers, it designs and sources antimicrobial copper door hardware solutions for the public and private sectors.

MB Architectural
Claire Spooner
United Kingdom

Product Installation
Medical Development is a commercial and research company in the medical field, distributing medical equipment to the Greek market, operating in the fields of orthopaedics and cardiology/radiology. It offers technical and after sale support.

Medical Development SA
George Anagnostakos

Supply and installation
Narima is a Cu+ certified supplier and installer of antimicrobial copper products for healthcare environments.

Narima Medical Materials Trade
Argyris Anagnostakos

Product Supplier
Nivamed supplies medical equipment and hospital furniture to the European market, operating in the general medical fields. It offers technical and after sales support.

Alexandros Simantirakis

Profiling, Processing and Fabrication Services
The P.P. Group offers water jet cutting of copper sheet and plate up to 6000 mm x 3000 mm and 200 mm in thickness, and up to 45° bevel cutting. CAD services are also available to aid with the breakdown of technical drawings and copper alloy tractability.

P.P. Group
Darren Wallace
United Kingdom

Site Surveyance and Product Installation
Röntgentekno Oy imports medical equipment, accessories and disposables into Finland, aiming to provide the latest innovations in western medicine. It offers a full service from site survey to supply and installation of Cu+ products, will provide training as required and maintains its products worldwide.

Ville Ekroos

Product Specification
Yannedis is an architectural ironmonger using design and manufacturing technology that allows it to specialise in projects from one-off bespoke designs to complete door furniture ranges. Partnering with leading manufacturers, it designs and sources antimicrobial copper door hardware solutions for the public and private sectors.

Claire Spooner
United Kingdom

El cobre y las aleaciones de cobre son materiales industriales duraderos, con una amplia paleta de colores y reciclables, y están disponibles en varias formas de producto adecuadas para diferentes fines de fabricación. El cobre y sus aleaciones ofrecen un conjunto de materiales para los diseñadores de productos funcionales, sostenibles y rentables.

El cobre y algunas aleaciones de cobre, que se engloban bajo el término Antimicrobial Copper (cobre antimicrobiano), tienen propiedades antimicrobianas intrínsecas y los productos hechos de estos materiales tienen el beneficio secundario adicional de contribuir al diseño higiénico. Los productos hechos con Antimicrobial Copper son un complemento y no un sustituto de las prácticas habituales para el control de infecciones. Es esencial continuar con las prácticas actuales de higiene, incluyendo aquellas relacionadas con la limpieza y desinfección de superficies ambientales.

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